National Disability Arts Collection & Archive (NDACA)

These three commissions for the NDACA, which took place across 2019 - 2021, compromise Culture at Risk, a set of face masks that raise awareness about the challenges faced by chronically ill people during the Covid-19 pandemic; Disability Rights! Are Human Rights, a dress that incorporates slogans from t-shirts worn by disability protestors in the ’80s and ’90s, and which radicalises a traditional mode of textiles; and No More Pity, which likewise celebrated and shed light on that disability protest movement, by creating a disability arts banner for modern times through a series of public-facing workshops. These workshops were held as part of Tate Exchange’s Ghosts in the Machine programme. Both No More Pity and Culture at Risk were commissioned by Shape Arts.

Documentation: Ben Sage, Matilda Hill Jenkins, and Eden Hawkins

Display: House of Lords NDACA 

No More Pity launch event & permanent display in Bucks University